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In an interview with Business Insider Germany, our CEO Peter Effenberg talks about current challenges for streaming providers – and how jay is opening up new revenue streams.

“Watch and shop: How streaming services can make money with this founder’s programme” says the headline of a new feature on jay by Business Insider Germany. In the article, our CEO Peter Effenberg shares how he became aware of the value of metadata through his work as a production manager and how our technology facilitates new revenue streams for streaming providers. These are indeed urgently needed, as the media industry is currently going through a major transformation.

“The pure subscription model is no longer sufficient to break even,” concludes Effenberg in the interview. Some streaming services are now even considering introducing commercial breaks – just as we know them from linear TV. But not only should classical ads be a thing of the past, they also have a negative impact on the streaming experience. With jay, we are working on a different solution that will instead open up a whole new, interactive content experience for audiences and will also create novel business opportunities for streaming providers.

Read the full article here and find out more about our goals and the idea behind in-stream shopping.