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Home » News » SVoD services to reach 1.9 billion subscribers in 2028

The new Global SVoD Market Forecast 2022-2028 by Rethink TV projects a market worth of $171.9 billion for worldwide SVoD services in 2028.

After the industry’s hiccup following Netflix’s first subscriber loss in the past year, the new SVoD Market Forecast sees a return to growth for global SVoD services. The research and data service Rethink TV predicts that global services’ subscriber counts will grow from 738.9 million in 2022, to 1.89 billion in 2028 – passing the total count of broadband households. Global revenue is projected to grow from around $75.83 billion in 2022, to around $171.86 billion in 2028.

“There will be a mess of definitions”

The study also describes how the streaming market is becoming increasingly complex, for example due to the impact of advertising tiers and the growth of FAST Channels.

“Complicating counting is the fact that we are about to enter a phase where SVoD services have ad-supported customers, AVoD services have subscription tiers, and FAST will undoubtedly start playing with on-demand video. The clock is also ticking until these VoD services have live linear feeds, and Netflix is due shortly to launch its first live stream.” (Executive Summary by Rethink TV)

The full report can be downloaded on the Rethink website.