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“How streaming services can make money with purchases from their users” – So reads the headline of a recent report about jay on WELT Online, one of the leading media in Germany.

In a new article, WELT portrays the work of jay. Our CEO Peter Effenberg shares how the idea für jay arose and why film data is so valuable – especially for struggling streaming providers.

The report illustrates how jay enables in-stream shopping for the very first time – allowing viewers to buy interesting products from a film while streaming. WELT describes the process as follows: “If the viewer likes the protagonist’s shirt, he can pause the film briefly and, in the next step, tap on the shirt with his finger, select the size and buy it.”

This way, viewers can buy outfits of their favourite characters and get new fashion inspiration. For streaming providers on the other hand, in-stream shopping offers a new source of revenue. And this is urgently needed as the media industry is currently going through a major transformation.

For more insights you can read the whole article on WELT Online.