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Save the Date: Join us at these conferences where the jay team will discuss metadata, in-stream shopping, new revenues for broadcasters and more.

The year has just begun and we’re already looking forward to the first conferences. In January and March you can find us in Salzburg and Geneva:

17.01.2023 | Technology and Innovation Forum | Salzburg

The Technology and Innovation Forum is organized by VAUNET, the umbrella organisation of audiovisual media companies in Germany and the largest representative body of commercial broadcasting interests in Europe. At the Forum in Salzburg, our CTO Mark Gülbahar will speak about the value of production metadata for automated in-stream shopping.

24.-26.01.2023 | Production Technology Seminar | Geneva

The annual Production Technology Seminar organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) focuses on recent and future developments in media production technology. It is a key industry event for those needing to make informed strategic decisions in the technical domain. PTS 2023 puts the focus on technologies and trends that are redefining the nature and quality of modern media experiences, and the tools and workflows to produce them. On January 25th at 12pm, our CEO Peter Effenberg and CTO Mark Gülbahar will give a talk on “End-to-end metadata and automation” presenting insights and use cases from jay. Their session will be followed by a Q&A.

21.-23.03.2023 | Data Technology Seminar | Geneva

The DataTech Seminar is the annual meeting point for data technology professionals in broadcasting and media. Networking, learning, and collaboration are the hallmarks of the event. The DataTech Seminar is organised by the EBU MDN, an active community aiming to develop knowledge sharing and learning on data-related projects, including Metadata and AI. Join the seminar and meet our CTO Mark Gülbahar live in Geneva.