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On June 6, our CEO Peter Effenberg and CMO Irmela Wrogemann will give a talk at re:publica Berlin, Europe’s largest internet and digital society conference. Live on stage, they will discuss how – and why – in-stream engagement will change the streaming game. And: they will also give an exclusive sneak peek into brand-new use cases.

The fight for attention and money is real in the streaming business. Just when we thought ad breaks were a thing of the past, Netflix launches ad-supported subscription. And showing your love by sharing your password to your streaming account is getting increasingly hard. In their search for new revenue models, streaming providers are resorting to desperate measures – unfortunately also at the expense of the audience experience. Is this really the future of streaming?!

In their talk at re:publica Peter Effenberg and Irmela Wrogemann share a different vision: In-stream engagement could unlock a variety of new innovative business models for the film industry – from infotainment and edutainment to in-stream shopping. At the same time, it would enrich the viewing experience, offering audiences new layers of content on a film’s cast, trivia, costumes and props.

Irmela and Peter will explain how interactive in-stream engagement can be imagined, how the technology works and how OTT providers can benefit from it. Last but not least, they will also give a sneak peek into first use cases.

Where: re:publica Berlin | Stage 3

When: 06.06.2023 | 11:15 Uhr

Find more details on the session at re:publica here.