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Here are our five key takeaways we collected with jay exhibiting at the International Broadcasting Convention 2023:

This year’s International Broadcasting Convention revolved around the theme of “Transforming Media”, and as media cartographer Evan Shapiro aptly puts it, “Dinosaur” media businesses must adapt to the user-centric age.

Here are the five key takeaways we collected with jay exhibiting at IBC 2023:

  1. Linked Production: Whether you’re a giant like Sony, Riedel, or Samsung, connecting the entire supply chain is crucial. Metadata is the enabler, but we’re just scratching the surface, especially regarding descriptive metadata in production.
  2. Aggregation: The challenge of aggregating content across platforms looms large, with massive technology advancements on the horizon.
  3. Recommendation: Delivering content to users effectively is a pivotal concern for media businesses. It’s all about giving the audience what they genuinely want to see.
  4. AI & Targeted Advertising: The expectations for AI, from recognizing individuals to items in images, are sky-high. And it seems, it’s primarily used for delivering personalized ads to viewers.
  5. Viewer Engagement: Whether it’s sports statistics, shoppable content, or actor information, enhancing the viewer experience extends platform usage and provides valuable user behaviour data.

Transforming the media landscape will take time. And instead of fixating on short-term gains, the industry needs long-term strategies. Or to quote Evan Shapiro, “Compare that with Amazon, which went for a long time before it became profitable. You need to be able to ignore the short term and hook your wagon to a big moonshot.”

At jay, we’re committed to driving these transformative changes in media. It’s time to leave the age of the dinosaurs behind us and reshape the future of media!