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Roku and Walmart partner up to test shoppable TV ads. Will this take T-commerce to the next level?

American streaming platform Roku and the world’s largest retailer Walmart announced a special partnership: Together they are launching a shoppable ad pilot programme enabling Roku users to directly purchase products from Walmart with their remote control. For the time being the pilot is limited to the US market – but that is supposed to be just the beginning. Their plan is to make TV streaming the next e-commerce shopping destination.

“We’re working to connect with customers where they are already spending time, shortening the distance from discovery and inspiration to purchase,” stated William White, Chief Marketing Officer at Walmart. “By working with Roku, we’re the first to market retailer to bring customers a new shoppable experience and seamless checkout on the largest screen in their homes – their TV.”

How does it work? And where does jay make the difference?

In essence, their programme adds an overlay to an existing advertising, so that viewers can simply press “OK” on their Roku remote to buy the promoted product. With their payment details already pre-populated from Roku’s payment platform, the purchase is just one click away. The transaction takes place right on the screen with the TV show paused. No need to capture a QR-Code or go to the Walmart website.

“We’re making shopping on TV as easy as it is on social,” emphasised Peter Hamilton, Head of TV Commerce at Roku. So far, however, their service only works for advertising. And this is exactly where jay can make the difference because our technology enables in-stream shopping for all film content – no matter whether it’s films, series, commercials or sports broadcasts. Last but not least, an integration of jay is not limited to one particular streaming device or retailer.

With their pilot programme, Roku and Walmart have been the first to introduce T-commerce as a first-screen experience. And with our solution, we want to bring it to the next level.